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Rewarding employees with salaries, bonuses and benefits which are cost effective, yet fair and motivational, is a critical business success factor. Companies which have the most engaged, high performing and talented employees don't just provide a standard package, but have a Total Reward Strategy that considers the diversity of their workforce and what they really value, adjusting their strategy during times of economic or demographic change.
Having a competitive, attractive Total Reward offering doesn't necessarily mean increasing salaries and buying the most expensive benefits - Inspiring Reward can guide you through a review of the best, most cost effective options for your business and workforce, with communications and analytics to make sure that you have effective, future-proofed solutions.

Inspiring Reward is also proud to be part of the accrEDIted Community, an organisation which shares our values in offering an equal, diverse and inclusive work environment, enabling companies to gain accreditation to show their commitment to EDI. Find out more about the business benefits of becoming accrEDIted here: https://ediaccreditation.com/community/  

Reward Consultant

Inspiring Reward was founded by Andrea Rae, who has over 20 years experience in HR Systems Implementation, People Analytics and Compensation & Benefits.

Andrea combines strong technical knowledge with excellent communications skills and is passionate about really understanding her customers' needs to deliver high quality, effective solutions.

Andrea will take you through the end to end process in a clear and easy to understand way, making sure that you and your vendors are set up for success in all areas:
• Stakeholder Management
• Data quality and data management
• Vendor selection
• Process design
• System design
• Reporting, Metrics and Letters
• End User Training
• Change Management and Communications

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Inspiring Stories

Job Grading Automation and Governance

In a large and complex logistics organisation, a new Job Evaluation methodology had been introduced and a Grading Panel had been put in place to review and approve grading of new roles. With up to 40 roles submitted every month, the process was manual and inconsistent, leading to many appeals.

I carried out a review of the process and business needs, then designed a new process and project managed the implementation of a system to fully automate the grading process, with workflow driven approvals, on-line voting for senior roles and management information. This was supported by improved grading documentation and tools, delivered with effective training and communications.

The new process and system dramatically reduced the number of roles needing to be reviewed at panel each month, reducing the time to grade roles from weeks to days, with greater governance and consistency leading to fewer appeals.

People Analytics

The EMEA HR VP of a large corporation needed a concise and accurate scorecard of HR Metrics, with insightful data analysis of key trends and changes, to review at Board meetings and drive strategic decision making.

Based on the business requirements and taking ideas from external best practice, I developed and implemented a professional HR Metrics Scorecard, with robust processes for delivery of accurate data from all countries. I followed this up with an initiative to improve data-based decision making within the HR teams, running a series of workshops to train HR Business Partners on how to access and analyse data, reporting and metrics.

The scorecard was reviewed at all regional and country Board meetings, with the HR VP’s giving feedback to their business units on key trends and targets. By using these analytics tools, the business was able to increase Employee Opinion Survey action planning effectiveness, focus on key areas of talent shortage and improve the speed and accuracy of key HR processes.

Compensation Management System Vendor Selection

The pay review and bonus processes for 500 executives and 30,000 employees at a global logistics company were managed in a highly manual way, using spreadsheets in most countries.

I led a comprehensive vendor selection process to identify and evaluate software vendors, who were assessed for their ability to deliver several complex pay and bonus calculation processes and against a robust set of business requirements.

I developed a compelling Business Case to get support for the chosen vendor and gain investment to implement a Global Compensation Management System. The investment was approved by the Global Project Review Board, during a challenging economic time for investment in HR platforms, resulting in a leading-edge project to automate global pay and bonus processes and deliver significant cost savings, risk management and employee engagement.

Pay and Bonus Process Improvement

In a large UK business, the annual pay review and bonus calculation process covered 9,000 employees and was highly manual, taking many months and draining HR resource.

I led an end-to-end process review, identifying areas of blockage and potential improvement and put forward a proposal for process automation and change, which was approved by the HR VP. I project managed the implementation of the improved processes, with new technology solutions to automate and improve data management.

In the next annual cycle, the Bonus Scheme was designed and launched 3 months earlier than previously, enabling proper communication and engagement with employees. The number of data errors was dramatically reduced through the implementation of automated pay and bonus letters and through removal of manual data manipulation in the pay review process.

What's it like working with Andrea?

Andrea is a real example of professional project management from design to completion. I would highlight the way she is able to identify key stakeholders and understand their requirements, always striving to exceed their expectations, regardless of the complexity of the project.

Eva Alonso

Global Head of Human Resources CBM Global Disability Inclusion